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Anastasia Schebrova
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Journey mapping sources for beginners: a compilation


Doing a journey mapping exercise for the first time is an exciting adventure, and having expert guidance is much better than wandering aimlessly. 

We’re here to make your journey easier. In this blog post, we’ll share helpful resources prepared by our team to help you get started.

a compilation of journey mapping sources for beginners

📍 Have questions about doing customer or user research properly? 

There’s a list of the best user research books and courses we created for you (with pros and cons for each).

📍 Don’t know who should own the mapping initiative in your organization? 

We’ve got an expert article exploring this topic in detail and suggesting the best option.

📍 Are you looking for guidance with persona creation? 

Read our persona creation guide, which covers all the necessary steps and gives relevant examples, or download its PDF version to access it anytime. 

Plus, we have a PDF deck of customer persona cheat cards to make the process even smoother. 

📍 Are you stuck with visualizing your personas’ journey? 

Our mapping guide will help you successfully do that by arming you with tried-and-tested steps, examples, and advice on the sections to include in your map.

Our PDF cheat card decks may be of help as well:

And, of course, dozens of pre-filled B2B and B2C templates for multiple industries waiting for you in our library.

📍 Do you want your team to learn persona creation and journey mapping first?

Take online courses at UXPressia Academy; they cover the fundamentals of personas and journey mapping.

📍 Do you need advice from industry experts?

Get it from mapping practitioners in our whitepapers, which cover stakeholder involvement, customer persona, mapping-related tips, key stages, and other crucial specifics.

Go ahead and download our whitepapers for:

📍 Are you seeking to ensure successful collaboration within your mapping team and with stakeholders? 

Take a strategic approach to collaboration, and be sure to follow the basic collaboration rules to make it work. 

📍 Do you need inspiration? 

We’ve got plenty of it on our YouTube playlist, with recordings of the webinars with our team and external experts,

Good luck on your journey! If you get lost, you can always contact us directly using the live chat 😉

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