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Journey Mapping Cards Now in PDF


Sometimes it only takes one well-formulated question to get you out of the deadlock when brainstorming for ideas and pain-points. In UXPressia, we have come up with a number of such questions and put them together in a deck of journey mapping cards. Looks like folks really loved them and keep asking for more and more.

To make the deck even more widespread, we decided to wrap them in a PDF and distribute online for free, so that journey mappers from around the globe could use it to improve their services and make the world a little better 🙂

UXPressia customer journey mapping cards

What Cards?

The digital deck consists of 73 PDF pages, each representing one of the key aspects in customer journey mapping: Process, Time, Mistakes, Costs, Channels & Touchpoints, People, and Past. The left part of the pages outlines the importance of a particular aspect in the context of journey mapping. It also suggests a few guiding rules that you may have already felt intuitively when mapping a journey but haven’t yet formulated them clearly.

The right side contains a list of questions about these aspects in the context of your business. Answering them can help generate some breakthrough insights on how you can improve the overall customer journey.

How to Use Them

Read each card one after another or choose them randomly and apply it to the corresponding journey stage — it’s entirely up to you! What is important here is that you get as many insights as possible and rethink your journey map in the end.


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And as you know, every customer journey starts with a persona. To help you create insightful personas, we have also digitized our persona cheat cards. Grab a PDF deck now.

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