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Customer Persona Cheat Cards Available in PDF


As you may have heard, we released our Customer Persona cheat cards a while ago and have been actively handing it out to journey mappers from all over the world ever since. And it turns out that folks really like them and keep requesting us for more.

To make sure everyone gets their card deck of insights, we have created its PDF version, take a look:

Persona Cheat Cards UXPressia

How to Use the Customer (User) Persona Cheat Cards

Each persona card has its own color-code to indicate the importance of a particular aspect of the character. The red cards are the most important and frequently used. After that come the green ones. The blue cards are the least used given their specificity. Select cards randomly or start with the red ones first — it’s up to you how to use them!


Enter your details to get your Personas Cheat Cards:


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Looking for more freebies? Get our PDF cheat cards for customer journey mapping and use both decks to generate insights for your journey mapping!

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