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Tanya Levdikova
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Free whitepaper: journey mapping in finance


We continue our series of customer journey mapping whitepapers for different industries (you can find the first paper here). Our newly-released whitepaper focuses on journey mapping in banking and finance

journey mapping in finance whitepaper

How it was

We reached out to banking and finance journey mapping practitioners from different countries with questions about the specifics of journey mapping in this industry.

21 professionals agreed to answer our questions, and we used their answers to produce this whitepaper.

Both traditional financial institutions and fintech startups will find the whitepaper useful information for their journey mapping projects.

  • Traditional financial institutions are enterprise-level organizations that have decades of experience and use legacy processes and systems. Implementing journey mapping projects at such organizations tends to take longer compared to startups.
  • Fintech startups have smaller teams that allow quicker turnaround time for concepts, prototyping, testing, and implementation.

Journey mapping in finance whitepaper: overview

The paper contains eight sections: seven of them cover journey mapping trends, challenges, and specifics in the industry (plus, you will also find many tips on how to respond to the possible challenges), and the last section provides helpful guidance for mappers who want to create financial journey maps in UXPressia.

Some of the things covered in this whitepaper include:

Highly regulated industry

Journey mapping in finance requires specific domain expertise. As almost every step has layers of compliance, ALM, legal, IT security, and other requirements, you need to consider all possible issues. 

Legacy issues

There are decades-old processes, legacy tech, and maze-like workflows behind traditional banks and financial organizations. Introducing new technology into legacy systems might be a huge challenge.

Time constraints

Stakeholders can set unrealistic expectations about the timeframe of changes while building accurate, detailed customer journey maps for finance takes time.

Complex backstage processes

In some organizations, backstage processes can be enormously complex and hard to understand. 

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