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Katerina Kondrenko
Experienced content creator with a passion for research, French bulldogs, and British cats. Katerina has an economics degree but prefers letters to numbers. She has been exploring different audiences for popular culture projects, was involved in the creative development process, and now she’s playing in the CX field.

Empower your personas with AI magic ✨


Calling all journey mappers! Brace yourselves for an exciting leap into the future with our AI-based persona generator 👇

🤖 AI personas generator

We understand that your time is invaluable, and we recognize the significance of delivering exceptional work. That's precisely why we've introduced an AI-powered persona generator — to help you save time and enhance your productivity.

With this feature at your disposal, you can effortlessly transform your research data into a detail-rich persona profile. Imagine rapidly creating multiple personas for your upcoming product launch, designing captivating persona profile illustrations for your presentations or articles, and refining your existing persona profiles to perfectly align with your requirements. The possibilities are endless!

ai generator button

📠 Persona creation with AI 

Use our AI button to create a persona profile based on your research data or desired characteristics. Simply add the necessary text sections, rename them to your preference, and let the AI do the rest. 

ai persona generator window

UXPressia Tip: The more specific case you describe, the better results you would get. For example, “B2B customer for a bank” would give you a more generic and vague result than “Small business owner seeking a loan for expansion from a regional bank in the Midwest”. 

Also, you can generate a custom image representing your persona. Just come up with the specifics, from image style to every little detail you desire, and watch as your persona’s unique avatar springs to life. 

And if you're not perfectly satisfied with the result, no worries — just open up the Photo section and generate several other options to choose from.

Getting back to the persona profile, here’s what AI did based on the prompt from above: 

AI-generated persona

Now completing the profile will be a breeze. You can sprinkle it with eye-catching visuals, informative details and list your persona’s channels to really bring their story to life. Or improve what you already have.

📠 Persona improvement with AI

Do you already have a persona but crave a more vibrant and multi-dimensional character? Our AI-based generator will help you with that. 

With just a few clicks, you can specify your needs, highlight the sections you want to update and wait for the result. 

Impoving persona with AI

So we asked AI to turn our persona into an inclusive one regarding her previous experience and frustrations. We can also use one of the ready-to-go options, such as making the persona more region specific. 

Anyway, the improved persona looks like this:

AI-improved persona

AI image generator

Or maybe you want to have a custom image that fully matches your persona profile?

Our brand-new AI-based image generator has got you covered: it lets you get four alternative persona images based on your description:

AI-generated persona images

You can generate images again and again until AI creates a perfect image for your persona. Isn’t that cool? And no copyright issues.

And from here on out, you can keep going, trying out additional prompts or adding your own personal touches. 

Feeling inspired? Try out the new feature right away.

👀 Curious to feast your eyes on our AI-powered persona generator in action? Watch the recording of our online feature presentation with Yulia, UXPressia's Customer Success Agent, where she'll show you some AI tricks and answer related questions:

Curious to try?

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