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Yuri Vedenin

Yuri Vedenin
Founder and Boss of UXPressia

We’re a Hot Vendor in Customer Journey Mapping

It's been almost 4 years since our launch in early 2015. And for a young product company competing in the global market, things are not that easy.

You work hard every day trying to better understand the needs of your users. You design, re-design, develop and re-develop features. 🙂

And then you're on an ongoing hunt for new ideas constantly trying to keep up with milestones, deadlines and deliver on your promises.

And it feels so good to get recognized.

I am happy to announce that UXPressia is a Hot Vendor in Customer Journey Mapping 2018 according to Aragon Research!


Photo: Steven Cotton Photography

We are thankful to Aragon Research and Jim Sinur for the award and recognition! It means that we are doing the right thing and we're doing it right.

That is a huge achievement for us and is definitely something to top in the new year 2019!

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Patrick Rouse
Patrick Rouse
1 year 1 month ago

This is interesting. I’d like to understand more about the value of using both personas and jobs to be done. How might we use personas to expand on the two jobs to be done that Professor Christensen described for milkshakes:

1. Market = morning commuters, Jobs-to-be-done = “keep my non-dominant hand busy for the duration of my commute” and “curb my hunger until noon”.

2. Market = parents entertaining their children, Jobs-to-be-done = “enjoy a special treat” with the kids after school

Thanks for any thoughts you might have on this topic.

1 year 12 days ago
I agree with you. JTBD and Personas are compatible and they help to reach out to potential customers. It´s like a team is better at handling a job or in brainstorming than a single person – with JTBD and Persona it´s similar. To know the Jobs your product is hired for is giving you a better connection to your customers and more ideas for advertising. But how to reach the right people if it´s a job? You have to know which demographics want to hire to product for the same job, maybe it´s related to age or income. After defining… Read more »