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What's new

V. 4.41

  • Export: the ability to configure if a project and map/persona name is included in the exported file
  • Personas photo generator: the ability to filter persona photos by age, mood, and hair color
  • Public site: Сheat cards page added

V. 4.40

  • PPTX export for CJMs, IMs, and Personas
  • "Add section" popup redesign for CJMs and Personas
  • New icons for channels: Landing page, Online ad, Online magazine, Online newspaper, Podcast, Web app, Zoom, Ad on buildings, Billboard, Event, Exhibition, Fair, Influencer, Printed magazine, Printed newspaper, Road ad, Salesperson, Seminar, Signboard, Street ad, Store, Transit ad, White paper, Facebook stories, Instagram stories, Slack

V. 4.39

  • Performance improvements
  • Hot keys introduced
  • Public site: Events page added
  • CJM: drag and drop in the Personas section

V. 4.38

  • Direct link sharing: password protection
  • Connections view on the project page
  • Unread comments indicator on the project page
  • General font/color settings in maps/personas
  • Personas: the landscape view
  • Personas section in the CJM tool that shows personas' interactions
  • Public site: Journey mapping in healthcare page added

V. 4.37

  • The ability to add multiple personas to the same journey map
  • Experience section: the ability to add multiple emotions within the same stage
  • Experience section: the ability to show experiences of different personas within the same section
  • Experience section: more emotions on the Plutchik's wheel and tips for each of them

V. 4.36.4

  • CJMs and Personas: industry-specific channels added (healthcare, banking & finance, telecom and employee experience)
  • Personas: the accent color and the font color are now set separately. Accent colors are visible on the project dashboard, persona's left panel, and in maps.
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements.

V. 4.36

  • Performance improvements
  • Personas and CJMs: new section type — charts (pie and bar)

V. 4.34

  • Dashboard and templates search
  • Dashboard: adding new map/personas from a template
  • Text formatting improvements, better tables support
  • Impact map: User Story details in the left pane
  • Public site: Educational and Nonprofit discounts pages added

V. 4.33

  • .CSV export for CJMs, IMs, and Personas
  • Templates update: smoother navigation on the page; more templates are added; an option to clear template's content before starting to use it.
  • Channels icons updated
  • Turkish/Cyrillic fonts' support improved.
  • Public site: Case study page added.

V. 4.32

  • CJM: Ability to reorder substages

V. 4.31

  • IM: Backlog View
  • CJM: process and channels section supports up to 10 channels per process.
  • Copy maps/personas: copying/moving linked maps/personas.
  • Copy maps/personas: copying the structure without content.
  • CJM: the ability to pin/unpin substages
  • Workspace admin statistics and downloadable csv reports.
  • IM: the ability to resize columns.

V. 4.30

  • Brand-new dashboard: My projects and Shared with WS projects are now a single list for all workspace contributors
  • Projects are now displayed as a table with additional information and the ability to sort
  • Dashboard folders: you can now group projects into folders
  • Brand-new project page with meta-information, e.g., project goals, description, list of contributors, etc.
  • Trash can functionality
  • You can move projects across workspaces
  • New role in workspaces: Viewer
  • Breadcrumb navigation: ability to switch between documents in the folder from map or persona page
  • Less strict rules for Shared projects
  • Brand colors feature: create a palette of company colors to use for maps/personas sections and folders
  • CJM: Set colors for section names on the left
  • CJM stages tips
  • Personas sections tips

V. 4.27.0

  • Custom views for customer journey maps
  • Text editor upgrade with more icons available, font awesome support and storyboard gallery

V. 4.26.0

  • Bugfix and small improvements

V. 4.25.0

  • Switched email provider to makes sure no emails are lost
  • User profile and email preferences settings update
  • Security fixes and improvements
  • New icon for channels: TikTok

V. 4.24.0

  • Commenting mode
  • In-app notification center
  • Slack Integration
  • New icon for channels: email

V. 4.23.0

  • Beta version of commenting mode
  • Performance improvements

V. 4.22.0

  • CJM: updated tips for Problems and Ideas/Opportunities sections
  • CJM/Persona: Updated channels menu with more icons
  • Public site update
  • Billing: autorenew setting for subscription
  • New icons for channels: Baidu Tieba, Line, Tencent QQ, WeChat, Zalo, Briefcase, Dron, Dianping, Douban, Meipai, Meituan, Momo, Sina Weibo, Tudou Youku, Zhihu

V. 4.21.0

  • CJM: now you can use Google Analytics within the funnel section.
  • CJM: bulk update of section colors.
  • CJM: ability to change the background color for Image and Document section
  • Free PNG export of CJMs, Personas and Impact maps.

V. 4.19.0

  • CJM: now you can have multiple columns under a single stage
  • CJM: you can customize the color for stage and substage titles
  • Personas: ability to set custom personality type, accent color and define market size
  • Personas: multiple personas view support in presentation mode

V. 4.18.0

  • Now your login/logout state syncs across multiple browser tabs
  • Personas: more country options for the name generator
  • A number of bug fixes

V. 4.17.0

  • New feature: presentation mode for all the tools
  • Improved read-only view for maps/personas
  • Improved export for all artifacts
  • Impact Mapping: get rid of +Add in exports
  • Personas: editable labels in the Browsers Section.
  • Templates: the ability to select destination workspace for the template map/persona to be added to.
  • CJM: more smileys options for experience sections

V. 4.16.0

  • CJM and Personas: a new Embed Code section that supports embed code from tools like Figma, MarvelApp, InvisionApp, and Realtimeboard.
  • Subdomains & Dedicated login page for Enterprise users.
  • A number of security improvements.

V. 4.15.0

  • Text editor in all tools: added ability to change text alignment and font family.
  • Workspace members can be mentioned in all content boxes.
  • Invoices are now CCed to all billing managers of the same workspace.
  • Integration with Azure AD.
  • Branding: ability to change logo width for export.

V. 4.14.0

  • Dashboard update: more intuitive UI for selecting projects/artifacts via checkboxes.
  • Sharing: autocomplete for emails in the sharing popup.
  • Dashboard: Remembering and showing the Workspace user opened last.
  • Invoices: invoice copies are now sent to all billing managers.
  • CJM: a bi-directional process for processes & channels sections.
  • Personas: order of personas on the left panel now corresponds to their order in the project on the dashboard.
  • Personas: values are now editable in the skill section.
  • Quote section: styles are updated for CJM/Persona.
  • Dashboard: persona thumbnails show persona photos.

V. 4.13.0

  • CJM: Funnel section
  • Integration with Mixpanel
  • New channel icons: Spotify, Wechat, Netflix, Twitch

V. 4.12.0

  • Branding feature

V. 4.11.0

  • New icons for channels section in CJM/Personas (audio, games, kiosk, smart glasses, smart watch, tracker, vehicle, webform)
  • Improved navigation
  • Bugfix

V. 4.10.0

  • Real-time online collaboration in CJM/Personas/IM tools
  • Undo / redo functionality in CJM/Personas/IM tools
  • Offline work support (sync all changes made while Internet connection was lost once the connection has been restored)
  • Access to publicly shared projects without login or signup
  • Workspaces functionality and refined user management with more flexible user roles/permissions
  • Dashboard: sharing projects within Workspace
  • The last project you work with stays open after getting back to the dashboard
  • Improved Dashboard first time experience
  • Templates are now available directly from the dashboard, the template page has been optimized for better search
  • Templates are now more flexible (Personas and IM templates are coming soon)
  • CJM: enhanced experience section (changing number of experience levels, refined design, more colors and a richer smiley selection)
  • CJM: Plutchik's wheel of emotions pop up for experience section
  • CJM: new icons for Channels, Process & Channels sections
  • Personas: the ability to set colors in text sections
  • IM: the ability to set colors in text sections
  • IM: editable section names
  • Personas: improved persona grid, multiple personas view shows all personas on screen
  • Personas: the ability to reorder sections in multiple personas view
  • Personas: "Social" section replaced with "Channels" with a larger icons set
  • Personas: "Technology" and "Browsers" sections can now be used separately
  • Multiple export improvements: fix for IM export issue with connectors not displayed, fix for text not being selectable in PDFs, overall performance improvements
  • Sign up via Google

V. 3.6.0

  • CJM Tool: multiple channels
  • CJM Tool: new channel icons

V. 3.5.0

  • CJM Tool: Background images in the processes section can be deleted without removing tiles
  • CJM Tool: New arrows in the processes section
  • CJM Tool: A unified icon selection menu in the processes and channels section

V. 3.4.0

  • Prettified left panel is improved across all the tools
  • CJM Tool: names of channels in Processes & Channels section aren't cut anymore
  • CJM Tool: Freeze section names column when horizontal scrolling
  • Personas Tool: pop up for more precise name generation
  • Dashboard: copying project

V. 3.3.0

  • Impact Mapping Tool: PNG/PDF export
  • Billing information: invoices available
  • Auto share projects between team members
  • What's new page
  • CJM Tool: Experience section. You can add more than one.

V. 3.2.0

  • Updated Dashboard
  • Restoring deleted projects and project files
  • New social icons for personas online
  • New about page
  • Project name appears in exported maps and personas. Map names appear too.

V. 3.1.0

  • New sharing features
  • Updated internal menu
  • Dark theme for PDF export

V. 3.0.0

  • Impact Mapping Online Tool

V. 2.7.0

  • Users can now scroll in full screen mode
  • Personas: personality type shown in export

V. 2.6.0

  • New color picker
  • Personas: all sections’ titles are editable.
  • Error messages are shown when logged out or offline

V. 2.5.0

  • Personas: photo generator ( integration).
  • User management for Pro users.
  • Billing update: multiple licenses

V. 2.4.0

  • Billing update: annual plan available.
  • CJM/Personas export examples available on public site.
  • PDF invoices are now sent automatically.

V. 2.3.0

  • New, more flexible and stable text formatter with undo/redo, images resizer, bigger smileys collection and tables support.
  • UXPressia for students. Discounts for students.

V. 2.2.0

  • CJM: new section type - Processes and Channels.
  • Live chat support integrated into all of our tools.
  • Cyrillic fonts support.

V. 2.1.0

  • Dashboard update: change maps and personas order within one project.
  • Dashboard update: move maps and personas across different projects.
  • Upgraded CJM templates. Each template has its own page with map examples and useful links.

V. 2.0.1

  • CJM: all sections’ titles are editable.

V. 2.0.0

  • Personas online tool released.
  • Project dashboard.