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UXPressia pricing plans

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Best value
us$ 0
A simple way to get started for teams new to UXPressia
Free plan features:
  • 1 project
    Work with your distributed team members on your boards in real time.
  • 1 customer journey map, persona, and impact map
    Create a designer-quality customer journey map, impact map, and persona. Work on it in real time.
  • Email sharing with 1 user
  • Export to PNG
    Save your maps and personas as PNG images.
  • Comments
    Leave comments in your maps and personas and start discussions.
  • Email support
us$ 16
per user
For individuals and small teams running up to 3 customer journey mapping projects in parallel
All Free plan features, plus:
  • 3 projects
    Projects are where your maps and personas are stored. Each project can include one or more maps and personas.
  • 3 customer journey maps, personas, and impact maps
    Create up to 3 journey maps, impact maps, and personas. Group them by projects and enjoy collaboration/collaborate with your team in real time.
  • Unlimited email sharing
  • Direct link access to projects with password protection
    Create and share password-protected links to your projects with others so that they can access your maps and personas without login.
  • Export to vector-based PDF, CSV
    Save your maps and personas as scalable PDFs and CSV files.
  • Presentation mode
  • Embed code support
    Enrich your journey maps and personas with data by embedding videos, boards, prototypes, and other content from third-party services.
  • Pie charts and bar charts
    Represent data in a meaningful way with pie and bar charts. Available in customer journey maps and personas.
  • Multiple personas view
    Unlock an advanced view to compare your personas side by side
  • User roles and teams
    Organize teamwork by assigning different user roles and permission levels to your teammates.
  • Live chat support
us$ 36
per user
For consultants and larger teams. Ideal for those who have many long- or mid-term projects
All Starter plan features, plus:
  • Unlimited projects
    Create an unlimited number of projects to organize your maps and personas.
  • Unlimited customer journey maps, personas, and impact maps
  • Unlimited access to templates
    Choose from dozens of journey map and personas templates for different domains and customize them to your project’s needs.
  • Branding
    Customize and personalize your maps, personas, and exports to match your branding.
  • Export to PPTX
    Save your maps and personas as PowerPoint files.
  • Google Analytics, Mixpanel, and Slack integrations
  • Premium support
Custom pricing
For larger organizations and agencies that need additional control, security, and support
All Pro plan features, plus:
  • Azure AD integration, SSO, MFA
  • Custom domain
  • Separate worskspaces
    Create separate workspaces to isolate your teams and organize their work, access, and permissions in an effective way.
  • Custom integrations
  • Access to workshops and special events
    We will reserve the best seats for you and your team to attend our workshops and other events.
  • Feedback on your personas and maps from our consultants
    Would you like to find out whether you’re moving in the right direction with your map and persona? Our consultants will give you feedback on what you already have.
  • Consulting sessions with CJM experts from UXPressia
    Have questions about customer journey mapping or persona creation? Our journey mapping experts are here for you.
  • Dedicated account manager, annual account reviews
  • UXPressia Academy
    Develop and improve your CX and UX skills by taking online self-paced courses at UXPressia Academy.
  • Security review
  • Procurement

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General features
Number of editable projects
Number of editable customer journey maps, personas and impact maps
1 of each
3 of each
Export to PNG
Export to vector-based PDF, CSV
Export to PPTX
Pie charts and bar charts
Multiple personas view
Embed code support
Google Analytics, Mixpanel and Slack integrations
Custom integrations
Sharing & collaboration
Email sharing
with 1 user
Direct link access to projects with password protection
Presentation mode
Security & admin
User roles and teams
Azure AD integration, SSO, MFA
Custom domain
Separate worskspaces
Security review
Support & success
Email support
Live chat support
Premium support
Dedicated account manager, annual account reviews
UXPressia Academy
Access to workshops and special events
Feedback on your personas and maps from our consultants
Consulting sessions with CJM experts from UXPressia

Frequently asked questions

  • Can I change my billing plan or cancel?

    Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your subscription whenever you want. To cancel your account go to the Workspaces page and hit “Cancel subscription” under the billing tab.

  • What form of payment do you accept?

    We accept Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, and Amex. If you can do wire transfers only, please contact our team for details.

  • What is the billing currency?

    The prices for subscription plans are indicated in US dollars. Please check with the exchange rates set by your bank or card issuer when making international payments in your local currency.

  • How will you bill me?

    We’ll bill your credit card according to the plan you choose, either monthly or annually. If you don’t want to get billed for the upcoming period, go to the Billing tab and switch off Autorenew toggle.

  • Are there any additional charges?

    No. The price depends on number of users in your workspace and on whether you prefer to pay monthly or annually. No hidden charges.

  • What counts as a user?

    We only charge for all workspace contributors who have access to the Pro features. We do not charge for admin-level users or users you share projects with unless you invite them to your workspace.

  • Are your charges prorated?

    Yes. All the contributors added partway through the month will only be charged for the days they were contributors. Besides, if you switch from monthly to the annual subscription, your charge will also be recalculated to include the days you already paid for accordingly.

  • Can I try UXPressia before going Pro?

    Sure, you can sign up for the free plan - it’s not time-limited. You can have one project with a single persona, CJM and Impact map in it. Plus, you can share them with one person of your choice or export to PNG.

  • Can I see exported maps and personas?

    The Free plan allows exporting to PNG, so you can check it out. And here are some examples:

    CJM PNG and PDF. Persona PNG and PDF. IM PNG and PDF. You can also export a multiple persona view like that PNG and PDF.

  • How do I switch to a different plan?

    You can switch to a new plan anytime in the Billing section of your workspace.

Don’t know which plan suits you best? Write to us and we will help.