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One CEO always told new hires “Don’t think of me as your boss. Think of me as your friend... who can fire you”.

But really, creating an awesome user experience for employees is a way to attract better professionals and make the company prosper. Our CJM template for employee journey mapping will help you design better UX so that employees won’t be dying to survive through the week.

We made the template based on our profound knowledge of user experience and CJM in particular. With it, you can start mapping your employees’ journeys straight away without struggling with touchpoints.

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Map's Persona

Michell Jones, 26

Young professional with 1 year experience in finance sphere. 

Looking for a full-time job in company with good reputation. 

Single, lives with his elder brother and his family. 

Hopes this job will give him regular income and career growth. 

 Worries about his possible incompetence and affraids of failing probation period. 

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