CJM Template for Retail (Auto/other goods)



A guy at some bar tells the bartender that he works in retail. The bartender looks up and says, “ah, that explains why you’ve dropped five shots in a row. And it’s just 9:30 in the morning!”.

Let’s face it, though - retail is tough. It isn’t the same it was just a few years ago. The customers’ behavior is changing drastically demanding changes in user experience that drive changes in internal processes.  This retail template for customer journey mapping is designed to help you transform your business so it satisfies your clients and brings you more profit.

It’s based on tons of maps scattered across all the web as well as on our expertise in studying and implementing CX in many business areas.

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Map's Persona

Harvey Clark, 33, GB

Married, one child. 

Works in finance domain. Medium income. 

Expert car user. Needs it for the rides with family (markets, hospitals, trips to parents on weekend).

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Retail (Auto/other goods)

Maps we based on

Links to help you

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