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CJM for Conference

by UXPressia


There’s hardly a single person who hasn’t been to a bad conference, or at least to a poorly planned one. You know how it all feels like from your own experience: standing in an endless queue to the registration counter, visiting a dull panel discussion, eating junk food as healthier food options already disappeared, dealing with unprofessional attendees — the list is endless.

But as the world is becoming increasingly customer-centric, event organizers and planners are rethinking their strategies to gain a competitive edge and turn one-time attendees into regular visitors. They make customer experience the starting point and build their marketing and event experiences around it. 

Here is where customer journey mapping comes in handy. Visualizing customers’ end-to-end experience on a map will help you uncover problem areas and act on them to ensure the best possible experience.

If you don’t know what to start with, start with our customer journey template for a conference.


  • Conference
  • Event

Template Preview


Virtual Conference CJM
Event CJM template
Event Customer journey map example
Sports Fan Customer Journey Map
Journey Map example (Conference Attendee)
Customer Journey map example for events