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Last time we stopped at a hotel we forgot what room we were in. We asked the receptionist and he helped us by saying we were in the lobby.

That couldn’t do. So we grabbed an armful of maps, multiple studies and Internet articles with many reviews left by hotel guests. We smashed them all together and got a rich and comprehensive hotel experience map template with over a dozen of stages that will suffice even the most tempted customer journey mapper. Feel free to use our customer journey software to change the template and explore the ropes of your CX and find all the gaps, holes, and scratches.

Making customer journey maps for hotel businesses is like a tightrope walking. You can use our hotel journey template as a balance pole so that you never fall off the rope.

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Map's Persona

Katrin Maier, 42, Austria

Married, three children. 

Likes to travel with family or just with her husband. 

Prefers to choose hotel by herself, has several favorite places. 

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Travel (for hotels)

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