CJM for Retail (Food)

by UXPressia


Our second favorite F word is Friday. The first one is Food. But what kind of F-words are flowing through customers’ heads when they are buying groceries at your store? Flawless UX? First-class service? Fine selection? Or something radically different?

Don’t just hope for the best. Be the best. Get to know what your customers think and want - create customer journey map with this fine customer journey template for retail.

To create this map template, we analyzed a lot of retail businesses and the UX they offer, gathered a significant number of other journey maps and flavored them with many years of studying user experience. Get it for free, fill it with insights using our customer journey mapping tool and make your store a five-star place and its UX flawless.

And to take the most out of UXPressia CJM Online tool, feel free to schedule a live demo with the team!

Template Preview

CJM template for retail (food)
CJM template for retail (food)
CJM template for retail (food)
CJM template for retail (food)
CJM template for retail (food)