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Our second favorite F word is Friday. The first one is Food. But what kind of F-words are flowing through customers’ heads when they are buying groceries at your store? Flawless UX? First-class service? Fine selection? Or something radically different?

Don’t just hope for the best. Be the best. Get to know what your customers think and want by drawing a customer journey map with this fine template for food retail.

To create this template, we analyzed a lot of retail businesses and the UX they offer, gathered a significant number of other journey maps and flavored them with many years of studying user experience. Take it for free, fill them in and make your store a five-star place and its UX flawless.

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Map's Persona

Olivia Clarke, 32, GB

Married, one child. 

Works in healthcare. 

Medium income.

Drives to shop once a week by car. 

Template Preview

Retail (Food)

Maps we based on

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