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B2B buyer persona

by UXPressia


Buyer personas are so much different than user personas. In most cases, your buyer persona is not not end user although they can be.

When creating your buyer persona, make sure to capture their company profile. Maybe even include the company industry, its size, ARR, geography, and business model.

Also, feel free to add any info that might help you, e.g. business culture: depending on whether it’s fast-moving, innovative,agile, traditional, bureaucratic, different strategies might be effective when communicating with their representatives.

And focus on their role as a buyer in the decision making process. Questions you need to ask yourself: how much of an influencer the persona is when in comes to making the final decision.  How much of a budgetary control they have, the key decision criteria, and what can stop them (e.g. for an IT decision maker that can be weak security), preferred sales engagement experience etc.

And when you’re done with the buyer personas, don’t forget to hand them over to your sales team.


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Personas for B2B
Personas for B2B
Personas for B2B
Personas for B2B
Personas for B2B
Personas for B2B