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Katerina Kondrenko

Katerina Kondrenko
Content Writer @ UXPressia

New event: behavior analysis with Martina Mitz on June 17


How can behavior analysis be useful for the UX practice in a business? 

It helps to not only develop a deeper understanding of your customers' psyche but enhance your empathy towards potential users, broadening your innovation horizons.

At our new online event, on Thursday, June 17, Martina Mitz, UX Psychologist, will share a theory that covers basic psychological needs along with a resulting method for behavior analysis. 

Behavior Analysis with Martina Mitz

This method is currently used in systemic psychotherapy which seeks to understand the individual in relationship with others. 

Sounds complicated? Martina will elaborate on the simplified version of the method. The information is not only accessible, but also applicable to any other business area.

❓ Plus you can ask Martina your questions during the Q&A session. 

📹 Can't join live? Sign up and we'll send the recording your way.

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