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Yulia Ibragimova
Product Manager at UXPressia Academy

Customer Interview Techniques: a new UXPressia Academy course


Meet the new interactive online course at UXPressia Academy — Customer Interview Techniques.

Why interview techniques?

Conducting an interview is a proven way to learn firsthand what drives your customers and what turns them away, what they really think, need, and want. But you won’t get actionable insights without preparing for the interview and asking the right questions.

UXPressia Academy created the Customer Interview Techniques course to help you ace customer interviews, practice proven interview techniques, learn how to avoid common pitfalls, and make the most out of talking to your customers. It’s all about practice, not theory.

After completing the course, you’ll know how to:

  • Ask the right questions and keep the interview going till you get all the information you’re looking for;
  • Drill down to the root cause of the problem and understand your customer's real motivations;
  • Learn more about the actual customer experience, needs, and expectations;
  • Better understand any problem and explore the context around it;
  • Gain a better understanding of a situation and broaden your search;
  • Overcome possible difficulties and get more quality insights by talking to people.

What’s inside?

We took efficient customer interview techniques and wrapped them up in an engaging format. The course will introduce you to these techniques, and an interactive simulator will help you practice and hone your interview skills.

There’ no tight schedules or deadlines — you can learn at your own pace and at any time and location.

Seven interview techniques in one place

Our course focuses on seven effective techniques, which include: 

  • Closed & open-ended questions;
  • 5 Whys;
  • Some people say;
  • Boomerang;
  • Talking about the future;
  • 5W + 1H;
  • Echo.

Some of these techniques you might have heard about, others might be news to you. But all of them are highly effective when it comes to getting valuable, actionable information. 

No other course is similar. We revised and reworked the techniques to match the specifics of customer interviews and turned the output into a winning combination of theory,  practice, and training.

The game-like experience

Our course is interactive, which means you will not only learn but also have fun while learning theory or doing practical tasks.

Training to sharpen your skills

Want as much training as possible before interviewing real people? We’ve got you covered! 😉

Learn a customer interview technique and apply it right away in a close-to-real setting in our chatbot!

Forget about workbooks and worksheets, learn by practicing! Plus, if you want to brush up on your interview skills one day, you’ll be able to get back to the course and practice again as you’ll have lifetime access to all materials and 6-month access to all new cases in the simulator. 

Ready to become an interview pro stress-free and with ease?

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