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Tanya Levdikova
Head of Content @ UXPressia

Introducing experience section improvements


The experience section is part and parcel of most maps that you create in UXPressia.  It gives a high-level overview of the journey and makes the most problematic areas visible for everyone at a glance without digging into the text.

Our latest update includes a number of improvements in the section.

Displaying 2 emotions per stage

From now on, you can have two different experience graphs per persona. This will help you compare as-is vs to-be emotional journeys or to show success or failure scenarios side by side:

two emotions per stage in UXPressia

Showing personas’ experiences side by side

Add several personas to your experience graph and illustrate emotional journeys for each of them side by side:

persona's experiences

More emotions 

To help you pick the right emotions for the experience section, we’ve added more emotions (48 in total) and tips for each of them. 

Besides, we’ve expanded the Plutchik's wheel to show the combinations of eight basic emotions (joy, sadness, acceptance, disgust, fear, anger, surprise, and anticipation). Those combinations create new emotions that give you more options to pick from.

experience section and Plutchik's wheel

Ready to try out the updated experience section? 

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