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Yulia Busel

Yulia Busel
Yulia Busel is UXPressia Events & Community Manager. She likes to bring people together and create memorable experiences for them. Consider her lucky: she does it daily! She likes to travel alone and is terrified of llamas.

New Event: Power of Interview Workshop


Interviewing your customers can be of great help when it comes to getting actionable insights for your product or service. But you won't succeed during the interview if you come unprepared and ask the wrong questions.

To help you get valuable insights from talking to your customers, we'll be hosting a four-hour online workshop on interviews. Join us on Tuesday, November 10, to learn and practice different interview techniques.

Event overview

power of interview workshop

This workshop will cover different interview techniques:

  • Open- and closed-ended questions

These questions are your friends when you want to drill down into specific aspects of a problem or need some assistance with widening your search.

  • The 5 Whys

Finding the root cause of a problem is not easy. The 5 Whys technique can help you get to it by developing empathy with the respondent and truly understanding your customers' needs, emotions, motivations, and pain points.

  • The 5W+H

Knowing the context around the situation is essential, and the 5W+H technique is your key to that. Using it, you'll be able to learn who's involved, who's affected by the situation, etc.

What's inside the Power of Interview workshop

The workshop is highly engaging and interactive. Attend it to: 

  • Learn practical techniques and tricks for your interviews;
  • Work on real-life cases to practice interviewing skills;
  • Get instant feedback from our facilitators;
  • Practice on your own and in a team;
  • Use an interactive chatbot to put the newly acquired skills to use;
  • Role-play interviews by taking different roles in them.

Special offer till November 2

By the end of the week, you can buy early bird tickets for $80 (off $15 the regular price).


Nick Efimov is Chief Product Officer at UXPressia Academy. He has 13+ years of experience in software development and solid knowledge in UX, user research, and product management.

Yana Sanko, Head of Consulting at UXPressia is an experienced researcher with a background in anthropology, business strategy, and organizational design. 

Ready to take your interviewing skills to another level?

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