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Tanya Levdikova
Head of Content @ UXPressia

The Team Library and experience section upgrade


Our May platform updates are out! Meet the Team Library and the upgraded experience section in the Customer Journey Mapping tool.

🎉Introducing the Team Library

Today we’ve taken the first step towards creating a shared repository of reusable components and files, which we called the Team Library. 

We released the very first Team Library feature — the Stages Library. If your company has an established vocabulary for naming journey stages and substages, you can configure it once and for all in UXPressia. 

Add stages and substages to the library in your workspace, and workspace members will take advantage of autocomplete suggestions to ensure consistent language across all maps they create.

More Team Library features are coming soon 😉

💜Meet the upgraded experience section

We also improved the experience section to give you more flexibility to visualize and document your personas’ emotions.

Now you can set emoticon colors individually and add some emotion-related notes (e.g., some customer quotes).

team library and experience section

Ready to try out the Library and the improved experience section?

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