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Iryna Kandrashova
Iryna Kandrashova is a Head of Marketing at UXPressia. She is keen on traveling (there are still some opportunities even now!), prefers an active lifestyle and amateurish sport.

Join the UXPressia affiliate program


UXPressia has launched the affiliate program, and you are invited to join!

Spread the word about our online platform to help other people design and deliver better experiences and earn a 25% commission for every successful referral.

How the affiliate program works

To start participating in the program: 

  • Create a free affiliate account to get a unique affiliate link.
  • Start mentioning UXPressia on your blog, in your newsletters, client meetings, during webinars or any other way you see fit by using your affiliate link. Feel free to use our pre-made promotional materials or create your own.

When you use your affiliate link, we track visitors and purchases that originated from it within 60 days from your referrals’ first visit. Every time someone purchases a paid UXPressia platform subscription, you will receive a recurring commission from the purchase price.

The number of conversions will show up on your affiliate account dashboard at www.getrewardful.com. 

Who can apply? 

The program is available to anyone who wants to get additional income by promoting the tool loved by thousands of professionals around the world. 

That’s totally up to you whether to use our tool by yourself. But we’d be happy to have you as our user 😉

Are you ready to become part of UXPressia affiliate program?

P.S. Have questions?

Check out our FAQ section on the Affiliate Program page.

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