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Katerina Kondrenko
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Demystifying accessibility & inclusion through personas | Nov 16


Persona is a very powerful tool when it comes to understanding the audience you research or design a product or service for. But often personas, which involve much time and resources to create, simply lie on the table, physical or metaphorical.

For a persona to work and be actionable, its creation must be approached with open mind and non-bias data collected. Such personas will always show you the way to inclusive products, services, and experiences.

On November 16, we will figure out how to do this together with Roxana Barbu, PhD, Lead User Experience Researcher and Behavior Change Consultant, and MacKenzie Bulkowski-Rose, User Experience Designer and Accessibility Consultant, at our free online event.

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Join us to learn:  

🟡 How broad the concept of product/service accessibility is;

🟡 How to use personas for more efficient research recruitment;

🟡 Ways to match the nuanced inclusivity and personas;

🟡 Why businesses need to take accessibility into account;

🟡 Tips on creating a business case for accessibility and inclusion.

💬 You will have the Q&A session with both speakers after their talk. It’s a perfect opportunity to reap even more insights from the event.

🎥 We will record the session, so make sure to register since we’ll share the video with all who left their email in the registration form. If you’re going to join us live, do the same 😉

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