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Integrate Azure DevOps work items into your map


Attention all journey mappers! Get ready to get more control over journey-related tasks and your journey map look with the new features: 

  • Azure DevOps integration;
  • Divider section in the CJM tool.

So let's dive in 👇

Azure DevOps integration

Imagine you're a conductor of an orchestra, where every musician has a specific instrument to play. Azure DevOps work items — the new CJM section — works like your sheet music, telling you which musician is playing which instrument. 

By incorporating work items inside your map, you can keep track of everyone's progress and make sure they know their parts. This integration gives you a harmonious view of your team and all the tasks related to your map. With everything streamlined, you can create a beautiful symphony of a successful project.

new azure section

It is possible to include numerous items in every stage or substage of your journey. This gives you the flexibility to divide complicated tasks into achievable components and confirms that you follow the appropriate route for each stage. 

azure section with details

Divider section

Now let’s compare your map to a bustling city, with different neighborhoods that each have their unique identities. To help individuals navigate through the city and understand where they are, you may need to establish boundaries between these neighborhoods. 

Similarly, when creating a journey map or, especially, service blueprint, it can be helpful to emphasize clear lines of separation between distinct stages or actors involved. 

For example, you might use a "Line of Progression" to indicate the order in which steps are completed, or a "Line of Accountability" to show who is responsible for certain aspects of the service. 

adding new section

As a master of customization, you possess the unique ability to transform the ordinary into something extraordinary. Okay, too loud words, but after playing with the thickness, style, and color, a simple line can be transformed into something like that with just a few clicks:

Have you chosen which feature you're most excited to explore first?

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