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Katerina Kondrenko

Katerina Kondrenko
Content Writer @ UXPressia

New event: the future of CX is, well, the future


To start something new is always exciting and terrifying at the same time. For instance, how do you know which direction is right to go? How to predict the future of your project or initiative? How to come up with the roadmap that will become the bridge between point A and point B?

To-be and what-if journey maps can help you to overcome those challenges, saving you time, effort, and resources. 

Our new speaker Mike Wittenstein, Founder of Storyminers, will prove it by sharing his 20-year experience on Tuesday, July 13. He’s been there and knows everything about foreseeing the future of your business with the help of customer experience (CX) and has a few game-changing strategies up his sleeve.

New event: The future of cx, is, well, CX

He will discuss: 

✔️ quick progress review of customer experience over the last ~20 years;

✔️ how leaders envision and execute whole business strategies better using CX in a new way;

✔️ steps to develop a future CX;

✔️ gaining buy-in for the use of future-state CX creation;

✔️ and much more.

😎 The session will be followed by Mike’s chat with Yuri Vedenin, Founder of UXPressia. They will talk about customer experience’s future state and what role customer journey mapping plays in it. 

📹 We will record the event. So if you can’t join us live, register anyway and wait for the replay to appear in your email box.

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