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Katerina Kondrenko

Katerina Kondrenko
Content Writer @ UXPressia

Lessons Learned from the Pain and Joy Points of a UX Designer | July 7


The work of a UX designer is not a cloudless sky, but the weather in a sharply continental climate. And what's more, there's routine that may lead to apathy. 

However, Dr. Deirdre Kelly, Manager of Organizational Effectiveness at NAV CANADA, learned from personal experience that even pain points can bring you valuable insights and get to a new level in the UX field.

online event with Deirdre Kelly

At our upcoming online event, the focus will shift from user experience to those who study and improve it—UX designers. It's time to improve their working journey.

On July 7, Deirdre will share how to:

🟡 Motivate yourself with early wins;

🟡 Be attentive to different perspectives;

🟡 Foster inclusive engagement;

🟡 Onboard clients with no relevant background; 

🟡 Develop a learner's mindset.

❓ And if you have ‌questions, that's good, because there will be a Q&A session with our speaker ahead.

📹 We'll record the event and share the result with all registered participants. So…

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