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Free event: Transforming EX insights into impact | Oct 26


You've built an employee journey map. But do you know what to do next? How do you turn this data into an actionable plan?

Paul Lopushinsky, founder of Playficient, will explain all this at our upcoming online event:

event announcement

During this session, you will explore:

✔️ Steps to take to make our employees' experience better;

✔️ Ways to brainstorm and develop potential solutions to address the identified issues and challenges;

✔️ How to determine which solutions to prioritize and implement first, considering limited resources and time;

✔️ Methods to use for assess the effectiveness of our employee journey map in identifying pain points and opportunities;

✔️ How to gauge the impact and success of the solutions we've put in place and what KPIs we should use for measurement.

Indeed, there's a lot to cover, but Paul will address all your questions during the Q&A.

🎥 Unable to attend live? Not a problem! Sign up for the session, and we'll send you the recording directly to your email afterwards.

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