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Tanya Levdikova

New JM Template: E-commerce Store Email Marketing Campaign


Think about your inbox: how many emails do you receive each day? And how many of them do you open and click on? Chances are that there are dozens, if not hundreds of emails that keep on piling up. The email marketing game is challenging but rewarding if you do everything right.

When it comes to an e-commerce business, building an email list is quite easy. The hard part is launching a successful email campaign. It’s essential to find a balance between spam and “ham”.

We created a new journey mapping templates to give you an idea of what an e-commerce store’s email marketing campaign can look like.

email marketing journey map

The template is built around Philip, a game designer from Poland who collects action figures from video games. His journey begins when he occasionally finds a new online store selling such figures. Philip wants to buy a new figure in the store, but it’s out of stock. So he subscribes to the newsletter, expecting to be notified when the figure is back in stock again.

Philip receives different emails from the store and eventually buys the figure he is waiting for. The store keeps on sending him emails when the item was shipped and after Philip receives it.

Want to see the whole journey map and customer persona that is linked to it?

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