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Tanya Levdikova
Head of Content @ UXPressia

Global font settings, a new CJM section to show personas’ interactions, and more


We’ve just rolled out an array of new features, including global font settings, a new journey map section, a landscape orientation for personas, and more. Ready to find them out?

Visualize interactions between personas

This summer, we introduced multi-persona customer journey maps. This functionality is useful when your personas have more or less similar journey steps and you need to compare their experiences.

But when your personas play different roles within the same journey and interact with each other, you’ll need our new feature: the Personas section. You can use the new section when you have only one persona. But to get the most of it, add two or more personas. 

new personas section in the CJM

Describe what each persona does at every stage, and then use arrows to connect personas and visualize the flow:

personas interactions shown

If your persona is inactive at some stages, which is entirely normal, just leave these stages empty. 

Use different arrow weights to show the primary flow; use dotted lines to show the “to-be” flows, play with color-coding, and add annotations for the arrows — it’s up to you. 

showing interaction flows between personas

Manage global font settings in your maps and personas

Achieving font consistency across your journey map, impact map, or persona is now a matter of seconds. 💨 

From now on, you can set the default font for a whole map/persona in one place instead of updating it manually for each tile.

global font settings UXPressia

In the CJM tool, you can additionally set your font preferences for tiles in a stage/substage independently if you need more flexible customization.

stage tile font settings uxpressia

You can also manage font settings for all tiles in a section: 

section tile font settings uxpressia

Use different fonts in stage-, substage, and CJM section titles

Now you can set fonts for section, stage and substage titles in your customer journey maps:

fonts in CJM section, stage and substage titles

Create password-protected direct links

Sharing projects via direct links is super-handy when you need to provide access to people who don't have UXPressia accounts. But it’s hard to control their access over time, especially on long-term projects where different people are involved at different stages. 

To make direct link sharing more secure, we’ve added the ability to protect direct links with passwords. If you no longer want someone to access the project, but still need to keep direct link sharing, you can set a password. And don’t forget to tell the password to the team!

direct links password protection uxpressia

Use the landscape orientation in the Personas tool

Last but not least is the landscape orientation feature in the Personas tool, which changes the Personas section layout from vertical to horizontal.

landscape view uxpressia

Use it each time you want to add personas to your presentation slides. This way, you will perfectly fit the slide and ensure that the persona’s information is easily readable.

presentation with the persona made in uxpressia

See how your maps and personas are connected

The bigger your project is, the more complex it is to track how your maps and personas are connected. To make it easier, we’ve added the Connections view to the Project page. 

Now you won’t need to open maps to check what personas they are linked to; you can see the whole picture right away.

connections view uxpressia

Ready to give new features a try?

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