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Tanya Levdikova
Head of Content @ UXPressia

Compare multiple persona journeys on the same map


Sometimes personas go on the same journey, but their experiences within the same stages differ. For example, “last-time shopper”, “money spender” and “discount chaser” personas are likely to go through the same journey when interacting with an online store. But as they have different goals and needs at each stage, their experiences with the store will be also different.

Bringing such personas to the same map will help you compare their experiences and come up with valuable insights for your product or service. You can spot the patterns and identify the pain points that are common for different personas and specific ones. Eventually, the ideas you come up with might be tailored to the needs of each persona.

adding multiple persona journeys

Adding personas to journey map sections

When you have more than one persona on the same journey map,  you can additionally specify what sections relate to each of your personas. 

adding persona-specific information to multiple personas

Tip: Take advantage of the “All personas” option when working with Problems and Pain points sections to write down the issues which are common to each persona and should be addressed first.

If you don't have anything generic, which is applicable to all personas in the same way, replace "All personas" by a single persona to describe its specifics.

multiple personas to one

Filtering personas

Filtering persona-specific information from the map will help you focus on one experience at a time. Hide the personas you don’t need, work on the journeys of specific personas, and then bring them back to the map to compare the journeys of all your personas.

filtering multiple personas

Ready to bring multiple journeys to one map? 

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