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Tanya Levdikova
Head of Content @ UXPressia

Updated CJM Template: Healthcare Patient Journey Map


Are you one of those health checkup skippers who put off the inevitable until it’s too late? Do your palms get sweaty at the thought of scheduling an appointment?

Customer journeys in healthcare are often full of unpleasant surprises, big and small. And as patients are often distressed and in pain, even a minor issue can have a terrible impact on the overall experience. And a single bad experience can scar them for life, leading to the fear of doctors.

We are living in a consumer-obsessed world where customer experience plays a decisive role. Positive customer experience means a competitive advantage as it results in increased customer satisfaction, loyalty, advocacy, and greater customer lifetime value. 

Looking for a way to deliver a great experience to your patients? Check out our updated CJM template for healthcare.

It illustrates the path of Lotta Koskinen, a busy 51-year-old woman who hasn’t examined her health for a while. The template focuses on different stages of her journey from seeing a hospital ad on the way to work to buying medicines after her visit to the therapist.

healthcare patient journey map

We added as many details as possible to each healthcare patient journey stage to make this map useful to both patients and healthcare providers.

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