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Katerina Kondrenko

Katerina Kondrenko
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New event: improving onboarding with employee journey mapping


Employee experience, from applying and onboarding to resigning, is the piece your business success puzzle can’t be done without. To improve it, increase retention, and reduce turnover, you have to find out what is broken and fix it for your human resources.

To deeply understand what your employees are going through, you can build a journey map. And start with onboarding as one of the most important stages of an employee journey. 

But even one stage might be a challenge to create from scratch and design. On Tuesday, June 8, Paul Lopushinsky, Founder of Playficient, will share how to approach and get the most of it. 

How to improve onboarding with employee journey mapping

During our free online event, Paul will cover:

  • What you can get by mapping an employee journey;
  • Best practices for journey mapping and onboarding;
  • How to identify the strengths and shortcomings in your employee onboarding experience and how to correct them.

You might already have some questions or come up with one at the session. Our speaker will answer them within the Q&A session.

Join us live or register to get the recording of the event. 

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