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New event: A practitioner’s approach to employee journey mapping | Feb 16


Have you ever wondered how employee experience (EX) affects your business? That the well-being of employees is reflected in all the KPIs and customer experience, too, in the image of your company, and in the harmony of internal processes? Of course, you have.

Paul Lopushinsky, the founder of Playficient, knows how to ensure better EX by taking advantage of the journey mapping methodology. He has done it many times and came up with a proven approach that will help you to create an employee journey map and put it into action as efficiently as it can be. And Paul will share a case to learn from at the upcoming online event hosted by UXPressia.

Join us on February 16 to find the answers to:

⚪️ How to get the bitter truth from employees as this is kinda uncomfortable sharing❓

⚪️ How to understand that your employee journey mapping project brings value and is effective❓

⚪️ What KPI will hint at the effectiveness of your initiative❓

⚪️ How to turn a finished map into an actually improved employee experience❓

And to ask your questions at the Q&A session after the talk.

📹 Can't make it live? That’s sad, yet if you register, we will send you an event recording. So don't think twice, that's a win-win step:

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