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New event: Creating customer-centric strategies from journey maps | Feb 21


Customer journey mapping is a useful way to understand and improve how customers interact with your business. But, making a map is just the first step. The key is to use this map to make actual changes that put customers first in everything you do.

In our upcoming talk, 3 experts will cover 3 important steps to make your customer journey mapping more effective.

The experts:

⭐️ ​Amy Downs, CEO and Founder of Customer Obsessing Consulting

​⭐️ Teresa Goestenmeier, Co-Founder of Customer Obsessing Consulting

⭐️ ​Sally Stoewe, Co-Founder of Customer Obsessing Consulting

What you'll learn:

✔️  How to get everyone on board with simple ways to highlight your journey map's significance to your team, sparking enthusiasm for customer-focused changes.

✔️  How to turn plans into actions through creating guides (playbooks), measuring success, and listening to what your customers are saying (Voice of Customer program).  

✔️  And how to keep updating your journey map, making sure your map stays relevant means your business can keep focusing on what customers really want and need.

This talk is perfect for anyone aiming to boost their business's customer focus, whether you're a journey mapping newbie or seeking to enhance your current strategies. Plus, we'll have a Q&A session, so feel free to ask all your related questions.

📹 Will we record the session? Absolutely! And will share it with all registered attendees. Just keep an eye on your inbox a day or two after the event for the link.

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