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New event: Customer-centricity in impact mapping: Delta CX’s approach | June 7


Impact mapping and similar frameworks are effective for creating tangible business and customer impact. However, they can be compared to a bowl of soup that is better eaten with a spoon than a fork. If you use a fork, it can take longer to finish and the bowl may end up with leftover broth. But how can you determine if you have the “spoon” to achieve your goals?

Debbie Levitt from Delta CX knows the answer. 

Customer-centricity in impact mapping: Delta CX's approach | event announcement

So join us for an online interactive webinar on June 7 and get ready to discover the ingenious Delta CX Impact Mapping technique, starting from a genuine customer issue and seamlessly expanding to its impact on the business. 

✔️ Debbie's talk will empower you with critical thinking skills around current impact mapping approaches, including the popular opportunity tree. 

✔️ You will also learn how the Delta CX Impact Map integrates user needs and business goals, creating a holistic view of the project's impact. 

✔️ And you’ll discover how the Delta CX Impact Map can be leveraged as a powerful tool for selling your project to key decision-makers. 

❓  The session is like a train with a Q&A station waiting at the end of the track. Be sure to get onboard live, so you don't miss the chance to hop off and answer your burning questions. 

📹 No chances to join us live? The event recording will find you afterwards. All you need is to sign up, sharing your email address. 

PS: While waiting for this event, you may dive in Debbie’s previous talk about actionable customer journey maps. You’ll love it. 

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