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Katerina Kondrenko

Katerina Kondrenko
Content Writer @ UXPressia

Power of Interview Workshop is back next year (Feb 3 & Feb 10)


Would you like to know how to interview other people, ask the right questions to get valuable insights, pause when needed, and find an approach to people with different communication styles? 

In February, we’re holding the online “Power of Interview” workshop that will arm you with everything you need to know about interviewing and give you plenty of interview technique practice with real people for 2 days. 

This workshop will be useful for everyone who interviews people, including but not limited to UX Designers and Researchers, Marketers, employee experience leaders, Business and System Analysts, Business and System Analysts.

Power of Interview workshop announcement

The workshop is designed for people with little or no experience with interviews. However, many experienced interviewers enjoyed the practice and feedback as well.

Come to both days or join for one day 

We divided the workshop into two days, each having its own goal: 

  • Day 1 (Feb 3) will guide you through three interviewing techniques (Curiosity questions, 5 Whys, and 5W+H technique).
  • Day 2 (Feb 10) will help you build confidence. How? You will learn how to approach people with different communication styles, what a problem discovery cheat sheet is and how to use it, and conduct an unexpected interview. Plus, you’ll find out how to deal with common challenges and avoid typical mistakes.

Each day includes lots of practical parts, giving you an opportunity to try both interviewer and interviewee roles. There’ll also be feedback and reflection from other workshop participants. 

Feel free to come to both days or one of them. Those who will take part in two days, we’ll get a certificate of completion.

Early bird tickets are already on sale! 

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