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Katerina Kondrenko

Katerina Kondrenko
Content Writer @ UXPressia

New event: Service blueprint (many birds with one stone), Dec 8


Imagine that you have a product and work in a company (maybe a distributed one) with different departments and lots of people who don't even know each other. Imagine that you want to analyze and understand the customer experience with your product while looking at how the internal processes and departments are structured to realize this experience.

On December 8, Martina Mitz, UX Psychologist, will introduce you to service blueprinting — a methodology that can help you with all that.

Service blueprint event with Martina Mitz

So join us online to listen to Martina’s talk about service blueprints. And learn how they aid in getting different departments on the same page and contribute to a more optimized and streamlined prioritization, implementation, and optimization of a service/product.

At the event, you will learn:

🟤 What service blueprint is and why you need it.

🟤 How service blueprints help to understand people's experience with a product or service.

🟤 Why and how service blueprint is useful when different teams are working on the same project.

🟤 Some expert tips by Martina.

🟤 And so much more...

❓ Martina will answer all the questions you may come up with during the event throughout the special Q&A session.

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