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Katerina Kondrenko

Katerina Kondrenko
Content Writer @ UXPressia

Power of Interview workshop — 2 days to learn and practice (Sept 29 & Oct 6)


You’ve heard about the power of words, but it’s a lie. Words themselves have little to no power at all. To obtain it, you have to combine them right, shaping impactful phrases and accurate questions. Especially questions. 

When you create a new product, you need to gather a lot of information, and most importantly, to know your target audience as deeply as possible. In case already have a product, you want to know who your customers or users are and deliver the best possible experience. And usually, you also have a team and need to manage their moods and comfort as well. Nothing of what we've mentioned is possible without a proper talk. 

What is a proper talk? It’s a harmonical union of asking, listening, and analyzing dressed with the right approach to the interlocutor and communication style. And you can hardly learn it by watching other people, reading interview guides, or using a few hacks. It’s the case when only practice can make a change and empower you with one of the most useful skills in this life. 

That’s right. It’s not an exaggeration. ‘Cause interviewing skills can be applied not only in business or journalism. Correct communication smoothes all the areas of our lives. 

The only way to master this skill is to practice. And we invite you to practice with us during the 2-day online workshop named Power of Interview.

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Workshop participants' feedback

We’ve already trained lots of people. Curious how they feel about it?

Power of Interview workshop details

You are up for 2 days, 8 hours in total, 3 interviewing techniques, different communication styles, and common mistakes explanation.  

Day 1. Customer interview techniques (September 29, Wednesday)

This day focuses on the three interviewing techniques:

  • Curiosity questions;
  • The 5 Whys technique;
  • The 5W+H technique.

By the end of the day, you’ll know how to invite people to share and talk, explore the context with flexibility and ease, and uncover people's stories and insights.

Day 2. Building confidence (October 6, Wednesday)

During this day you will:

  • Find an approach to interviewing people with different communication styles;
  • Use a problem discovery cheat sheet;
  • Conduct an unexpected interview successfully even if you have only 5 minutes to prepare;
  • Deal with common challenges and avoid typical mistakes.

Hooked? There’s more! Special offers, discounts, and the opportunity to buy only one workshop day. But hurry up, the digital seats are limited 😉

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