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Image library opens its doors, image section got updated


Our latest release is here, and it brought the Image section update and improvements, a shared image library for all team members, and much more. 

Let's dive in for details 🌊

🌄 Image Library 

The Team library is growing. Its new section, the Image Library, allows creating your own collection of images to use within the workspace. This way all your team members can access the same images and keep the consistency in their maps and personas.

Moreover, if one day some images you have in the Library become out-of-date (for example, you uploaded product screenshots a year ago and your product has significantly evolved since then), you can replace each old image with a new one on the workspace level. And automatically update it in all places where it is used. 

🖼 Updated image section

We’ve introduced more ways to upload images and image editing options, improved the uploaded image quality (and implemented the long-awaited ability to expand images in full size ), added the Image section to the Personas tool, and filled the Storyboard Gallery with tons of new illustrations. 

More images and ways to upload them in the Image section 

Starting today, you can have as many images as you want in the Image section. And you don’t need to upload files one by one — upload a bunch of images at a time either by selecting them on your computer or dragging and dropping them. You can also upload images via direct links. 

And one more great news is that image uploading works the same way in text sections as well. Your time has no chance not to be saved right now 😎

High-quality images

When uploading a high-quality image to a map or persona, expect it to have a higher resolution than previously. Moreover, you can always preview an image in a popup window.

Advanced image formatting

More image editing options are now available in CJM, Personas, and Impact Map tools: everything you need from cropping to rotation. 

Image section in the Personas tool

Now there is a dedicated Image section in the Personas editor, with all the functionality that is available in the CJM tool.

Image's preview popup window

↔️ Extended Storyboard

Our Storyboard Gallery just got larger! We’ve created many images for different industries and will keep on adding them to cover more cases. So if you are short on time and don’t have a spare designer, feel free to explore these storyboards and find the ones that fit your scenario. 

All storyboards are available as both colored or black and white options. 

Already know what images to upload?

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