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New template: new reality travel journey map


Traveling abroad today is a new kind of travel. And not everyone is ready for the difficulties throughout the way. Maybe you already know it. Or maybe you’re only going to spend a vacation outside your country.

In our new template, we built a travel journey map for a family of three, where each has their own idea of a perfect vacation. We followed the family from arrival to departure to find out how they feel about COVID-19 restrictions and how those affect their experience. If you work in the tourism industry, you certainly have to check this out.

Travel journey map

Here’s a journey map for people who decided to spend their vacation in Turkey. We researched how it’s going now and captured all the stages related to staying in the country. So it all starts at the airport and ends there too. If we missed something, you’re welcome to share it in the comments. 

The map has two Views. One will tell you a family story (it’s above). It shows what personas expect, what channels they use, how they spend their time, what bothers them, and what they feel about it. Here we listed the potential problems and ways to improve the customer experience for each persona. 

The other View shows interactions of only one family member (Mother) with other journey participants. Thus you can see how many people can affect someone’s journey.


Meet Filippa, Jonathan, and Agnes from Denmark. They all want to have fun, yet each imagines fun in their own way. 

Notice how creative the Skills section is used. You can do the same to show what is more important to your personas in percentage terms.

We compared all personas' journeys on one map, but you can easily turn any persona off to narrow your focus. 

One-persona journey map view

Yet we’d advise you to check out the map in whole to see how one customer experience can affect the experience of others. When it comes to personas who consume your product or service together, you can approach them as a group where any decision is made with regard to other members’ opinions.   

There are also additional personas (like a tour guide or receptionist) to impersonate people from the tourist industry. On the map, you can find them in the Fillipa & Staff View. Don’t hesitate to copy them into your project to design interactions between your guests and staff.

We hope this template will provide you actionable ideas of how to prevent or solve various problems today’s travelers face. Feel free to use and tweak the map and personas to design your particular case.

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