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Dan Nagornov

Update: Accent Color & Market Size in Personas


It’s time to take persona customization to the next level! The new feature allows you to specify the personality type of your persona beyond the 4 hardcoded options and indicate the evaluated market size for this type of users/buyers. On top of that, you can customize the accent color of your persona canvas to distinguish one persona from another. This will make things look more visually consistent. Let's take a closer look at what it’s all about.

Persona market size

Having beautiful personas is great, but having that beauty linked to some analytics is a lot better. Now you can specify the market share of your persona and a small pie chart will visualize these numbers right next to the persona’s name. This will give the idea of the persona’s prevalence in your customer audience to whoever will be using it in future.

Persona market size

If you don't need the market size, just leave it blank. In this way, it will be omitted in the exported personas/presentation mode.

Personality type

Now you can take the personality type beyond the 4 hardcoded options and specify any other types that you use for your internal classifications. Or you can simply indicate if its a buyer or a user persona so that everyone knows who you are creating your CJM for. Another case for using this feature can be the B2B customer journey, where you need to indicate the role a person performs in making decisions.

The label will show up right next to your persona’s name along with the market size mentioned above.

Personality type

Accent color

The accent color will make it easier to tell personas with different personality types apart. Plus, it is also a great way to brand up your personas with your corporate color. On top of that, it will apply to some other elements of the persona canvas. This will make the whole thing look a little more consistent and stylish.

Persona accent color

The names of the sections (Name, Market Size, Type) are editable as well. You can translate them into any language and write basically whatever you want.

So no matter if or you're looking to add more analytics to your pitch or just want to add some visual punch to your persona presentation, these new features will get you covered. Share your thoughts on the update with us in the comments!

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