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Dan Nagornov

Update: New Brainstorm Cards & Channel Icons


Finding ways to improve a customer journey can be quite a challenging task. Once you get used to the current state of your product, it’s really difficult to see how you can make it even better. To help you start thinking in the right direction, we have updated our brainstorm cheat cards. Plus, we have added new icons to the channel section, and a freshened up the home page. Let’s check them out!

Better brainstorm cheat cards

Sometimes you might feel stuck and unable to come up with new ideas on improving your customer journey. To get help, just click on the lightbulb icon next to the Ideas & Opportunities section. By answering the questions in the popup window, you may scoop some extra insights during your brainstorming session.

Brainstorm cheat cards for customer journey mapping

The questions are arranged into 7 categories and can nudge you in the direction of analyzing the key aspects of your customer experience: Process, Time, Mistakes, Costs, Channels & Touchpoints, People and Past.

New icons for the channel section

We’ve added a bunch of new icons starting from messengers and social networks up to drones (if that's how you deliver your products!)

On top of that, we have categorized the icons and made them searchable to help you find the one you need more quickly. Here is what the pop up looks like now.

Icons for the channels section in UXPressia

A brand new home page

Last but not least, we decided to freshen up the home page. Now it reflects all the ways UXPressia helps you deal with your journey mapping challenges. Besides that, we have updated the product pages and supplied them with a quick overview of the key features of the CJM, Persona and Impact map tools.

And that is it for this release! What do you think of the new features? And don’t forget that you can check out what’s coming next and vote for features you find most useful in UXPressia Roadmap.

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4 years ago

I think we need more icon here

Arthur McCay
Arthur McCay
4 years ago
Reply to  Job AWOMON

Hi Job! Thank you for the comment. Do you have any specific icons in mind?

4 years ago

Would love some internal based employee icons for employee experience mapping!

Arthur McCay
Arthur McCay
4 years ago
Reply to  Sarah

Thank you for the suggestion, Sarah! Which icons would you like to see?