Case Study: Johannes from Contexte



I work at a French-European policy analysis site and optimizing user experience for our products is part of my job.

We are a very small team at the moment, developing a new tool as part of a slightly larger team. Both some of the members of the larger team and a dedicated panel of experts help us with qualified feedback for each product phase.


We’re currently working on fleshing out the details of a new feature that is highly dependent on user interaction, but also on real-time data being pulled into our application.

I started by creating personas and rough usage scenarios by drawing from the qualitative feedback we had already assembled. Now we need to scale this to a level that applies to a broader selection of our user base.

How UXPressia Helped

I had used a fairly standard format to create printouts of our personas and UXPressia’s flexible grid allowed me to easily plug my information into its tool.

The basic structure with a few examples of user journey maps in place helped me effortlessly map out a concept on how our team can collaboratively advance on our concept.


For the moment, UXPressia helped me establish a concept on how to seamlessly incorporate personas and user journeys into our development process.

Since there was no such system in place before, there isn’t a measurable effect that I could share, but I’m convinced that using the tool with multiple team members will facilitate our work on the matter.

Johannes Neukamm
Product Owner at Contexte

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