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Case Study: Maya Grossman from Colu




I am the Marketing Director at Colu - a digital wallet app that lets people pay from their phones and support local independent businesses.

I was working on an email automation campaign that would let us send different emails to our users based on their actions in the app. I wanted to have something that would bring together all the possible scenarios and allow me to see what emails I should write for each specific case.


Before UXPressia I used to sketch maps on paper because it helped me to visualize all the aspects of our customers' journeys. Later I would translate it into a digital document.

This process took me a few days to finish, and this is not what people expect from you in a rapid start-up environment.


UXPressia brings the best from both worlds - I can still quickly sketch maps or personas seeing the entire process step by step and already have it online ready to be shared with my team.

I used it to map our email automation with many funnels and to create a visualization for our user personas. Using UXPressia I managed to have one view laying out different funnels and it was clear to me what emails I should create for each scenario.

This tool really saved me a lot of extra work since I could avoid duplicating and getting lost in all the scenarios. The combination of seeing everything visually and having all artifacts in one place ready to be edited in one place was very convenient. Oh, and I did it in half of the time it would have taken me the old way.

UXPressia really saved me a lot of extra work so I did it in half of the time it would have taken me the old way.

I showed UXPressia to one of our designers and also to a product manager and they both liked the idea of using it to map out different funnels because it really helps to see what has to be done. So I definitely think it's a tool we'll continue using.

I shared the maps and personas I created with UXPressia to a few people and everyone I showed it to was very impressed.

It's a great tool to create something better and quicker than just spreadsheets when you want to impress your management team or CEO.

Maya Grossman
Marketing Director at Colu

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