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Case Study: Student Journey by Paula Goncalves from Geekie




The power to learn is the key to any transformation. And as the Success Manager at Geekie, my mission is to make sure we deliver the best learning experience possible.

Geekie is an adaptive educational platform designed for teachers and students. Here, we're trying to get students excited about the school through personalized learning. And thus, it is crucial to understand the journeys students take when learning something new. That's why we work with CJM all the time.


Since we work with schools our journey maps are a whole year long. And that is a lot of work to visualize them.

Before trying UXPressia, we used to draw them by hand and then pass to designers who would digitalize them. More than this, designers would support us during the entire process of creating CJM.

Should I tell you it was extremely time-consuming? It would take us a whole week to draw a map! Not to mention, it would distract our designers from their work.

How UXPressia helped

With UXPressia, developing a customer journey map takes us 3 days tops instead of a week or two. That's more than 2x-4x boost in our productivity! We can quickly sketch a map and it always comes out looking good so no need to bother designers.

One of my favorite features is the emotional graph with these little faces. It empowers us to see the big picture just by looking at it.

UXPressia saves us a lot of time so we can focus on what really matters and that is the happiness of our customers.

Paula Goncalves
Success Manager at Geekie

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