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Arthur McCay

Case Study: Yana Mowat from Ambergreen




Raw data is like a Picasso painting – beautiful but chaotic. As Head of Data and Analytics at a digital agency, it’s my job to turn this raw data into something our clients can understand and use.

After I sampled a mixed bag of data visualization tools, a colleague recommended UXPressia, and I haven’t looked back. Its customer journey mapping feature is advanced yet simple, and the persona tool has changed the way we present this information to clients.

But it can also help win new business, too. Here’s how . . .


The brief: a major university challenged us to map their students’ journeys from initial interest to registration.

The challenge? Condensing these complex, years-long journeys into a simple, single view.

How UXPressia Helped

Enter UXPressia’s customer journey map. With the help of this tool, I transformed my data from a jigsaw puzzle of separate pieces into an interwoven, holistic story. And thanks to the persona editor, the prospective client saw their users visualized as personas for the first time.

UXPressia also enabled me to reduce the time it usually takes to prep my pitch by 70%. For a time-poor marketer like myself, that is monumental.


Yana Mowat
Head of Data and Analytics at Ambergreen Internet Marketing

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