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Want a 6 months Pro Subscription for free?


Today we’re launching a contest where we’ll be giving away 3 subscriptions to UXPressia Pro plan. One, three and six months of all pro features for a case study from you! Dead serious. Just read on!

A Free Ticket to Soap! Conference


Hey there, UXPressia friends! We’re giving away a ticket to the Soap content conference! Read more and take a crack at winning a free ticket to this awesome event.

How Many Personas is Enough?


How many personas should you have? One? Five? A dozen? Are there any standards? Let’s tackle these questions together in this post.

Holiday Beta Updates: Personas & New Dashboard!


Ho ho ho! The New Year 2017 just knocked at our door and that holiday whoop-de-do is just starting to cool off. Throughout the whole year, elves from UXPressia have been busy as a one-legged striker during the Super Cup. We’ve been making something really special. And we do have something to show for it. […]

Happy New Year from UXPressia


Dear members of UXPressia family, We’ve been working insanely hard for the last few months skipping brunches and lunches so you can enjoy the brand new Dashboard and Personas. And trust us, you are getting them all with a nice red bow on top. All we want from you is a pinch of patience as […]

Hit the touchpoints, Jack


When you hear about customer journey mapping, it’s hard to skip the word “touchpoint”. It comes up quite often. What are these touchpoints and why is there so much ado about them? We got an answer and it’s right in this post.