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Kristina Margulets
Content Writer at UXPressia

Journey Mapping Talks on July 28: Experience Mapping


What are the main types of experience maps and when to use them? Join our free online event on Tuesday, July 28, to get the answer to this and other questions about experience mapping.

About the Speaker

Martina Mitz is a UX Psychologist who has contributed to the digital and service ecosystems of many world-known companies like eBay and PayPal and helped some European startups by forming and driving their research and contributing to their product or service strategy and definition.

Event Overview

In her talk, Martina will focus on the three main types of experience maps: Customer Journey Maps, Service Blueprints, and Mental Model Diagrams.

Her presentation will arm you with some business rationale for mapping experiences to convince your boss and colleagues and get your own experience mapping workshop on the way.

There’ll be a 15-minute Q&A session after the talk, so be sure to prepare your questions to Martina.

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