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Kristina Margulets

Kristina Margulets
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Three November events to add to your calendar


We’ve got three free online events covering different aspects of journey mapping this month. We encourage you to join us live on November 11, November 13, and November 23 to listen to expert talks and case studies, network with other event participants, participate in roundtable discussions, and get your questions answered. 

What are the events?

Different Faces of Customer Journey Mapping on November 11

Different faces of customer journey mapping event

It’s a new event from the Different Faces of Customer Journey Mapping series that many of you already know and love.

On Wednesday, November 11, Saiful (Sai) Nasir, the Founder of CXD Labs, will share 5 key lessons from fintech that CX/UX practitioners can adopt into their own journey mapping activities, regardless of industry.

Rodney Ferro, the Founder of PN Digital, will talk about re-building a digital strategy in the COVID era. He will share the tools he uses and go through the process he takes his clients on when building their digital strategy.

There will be roundtable discussions with each speaker where you’ll be able to ask your questions directly to the experts.

Applying Behavioral Science to Customer Journey Mapping on November 12

Applying behavioral science to customer journey mapping event

On Thursday, November 12, Jennifer Clinehens, the author of Choice Hacking and Head of Experience at The Marketing Store, will talk about breaking the code to your customers’ behavior by combining the power of behavioral science, psychology, and customer journey mapping.

At the session, you will get an understanding of the Fast and Slow Thinking model, fundamental behavioral science principles for experience design, and the C.H.O.I.C.E. framework for applying these principles to CX, and the critical moments in the journey where nudges are most potent.

Impactful Presentations on November 23

Presenting journey maps in an impactful way event

Even the most remarkable journey map you poured your heart and soul into won't drive changes if no one wants to own and drive these changes. On Monday, November 23, Chantel Botha, the Managing Director at BrandLove, will talk about presenting journey maps in an impactful way and telling better stories. Chantel will share her secrets of presenting journey maps she’s been gathering during 15 years of driving customer and employee-centric change.

The session will be practice-based and involves group work. 

Ready to learn from journey mapping experts? 

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