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Arthur McCay

Update: Better Personas Name Generator and Copying Projects


We've released UXPressia 3.4.0 last Friday! This release features a few nice improvements like a better personas name generator, copying projects and a pinch of cosmetics for all the tools and the CJM Online in particular. Let's check them out!

Personas Name Generator


The name generator in Personas Online is a great tool that can save you a lot of time. However, in most cases, you need a name a bit less random. Say your persona is from Japan, but the generator keeps giving you Scandinavian names. So you keep clicking on that damn GENERATE NAME button like it's a slot machine hoping the next name will be the one.

Well, forget about it. From now on, every time you click on that button, you'll see a pop up where you can specify the country and sex of your persona. Now your random became a little less random and you've gained more power over this chaos. 🙂

Copying Projects


Yes! Projects now can be copied too! What else to say? Select a project and hit that COPY button. Voila!

Freezing Section Names Column


You know that moment when you scroll your long map horizontally and the zero column with section names disappears? What a shame. But not anymore.

Now, this column will stick to the left edge of your screen all the time when you do horizontal scrolls so that you never get lost in all these sections.

Just like the stage names bar will stick to the upper edge when you scroll down. Cool, right?

And that is it for this release, folks! Do you find this useful? Share your ideas and feedback. We love when you do that. 🙂

Meanwhile, happy mapping!

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