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Arthur McCay

Update: New Sharing Functionality


We keep this tradition of improving little things that turn out to be timesavers. In today’s episode of our update series, we have something that will come in handy every time you want to share your project. Stand by.

So this time it’s the project sharing option that has been upgraded.

Before we look at changes, let’s have a quick recap of what was in the old version.


In the previous version:

  • You could share projects with any registered user via email.
  • You could provide public access to projects via direct link.
  • Everyone with access to a project could make changes to artifacts inside of it.
  • The owner of the project was the one who created it and no one but him.

That seems legit, where’s the trick? Let’s see.

Pain #1: No Restricted Access


So everything was fine and dandy until the moment you wanted to show your maps and personas to someone. Without giving them direct access to making changes.

It could be your client or a student (or a teacher on the contrary). Not that they can play you by drawing something obscene. But we all make mistakes. They could delete something occasionally. Or, well, they could draw something obscene.

After all, you wanted some guarantees. And here they are.

In the new version, you can specify the level of access when sharing projects. It is fairly straightforward – either they can edit it, or they cannot. Period.

Same goes to public sharing. It used to be that everyone with a direct link could do whatever they wanted to your project. From now on, you can set the level of access for publicly shared projects.


Pain #2: No Ownership Transfer


Another pain was that people with access to your projects could not only make changes to maps or personas. They could delete the whole project. Ouch.

In the new version, there is no chance someone will delete/add a map or a whole project. Unless you want them to.

Sometimes you want to give that opportunity. For instance, you’ve finished a project and you don’t need it anymore. It’s just a deliverable for your client.

You don’t need that project to mess up your dashboard.

Guess what? No pains anymore.

Now, when you want to transfer ownership to another person:

  1. Share this project to this person’s email
  2. Click on that drop down list
  3. Choose “Is owner”

Bam! The project will now appear in the main section of the dashboard (now in the "Shared with me" section) of the new owner.

Pain #3: No Public Page for Projects Shared via Links


It used to be that once you provide public access to a project, you can share it only by providing URLs of maps and personas. And people with these links could mess up your artifacts in any way they wanted. Not anymore.

From now on, when you share projects publicly each project will have a link that will lead to its project page:


Also, you can set the access level to a shared project - only view, or view and edit. Splendid!

And one more thing…


Dark mode is now available when exporting to PDF. How do you like that? No worries. The dark version will still be printer-friendly. So don’t expect any conflicts between the printer and your artifacts.

In case you wonder how that will look like:


Now you can choose the one that you like the most. We prefer to use the dark option for our printed maps. They look fantastic!

Two Things Actually


If you had been paying close attention, you could've noticed that the header was changed a bit too. It was designed to fit really long map names. And it also shows what project you're currently in. Neat, right?

And that's it for today! Thanks for being with us all this time. Later!

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